Hardwood flooring installation


Professional hardwood floor installation

Hardwood flooring is a fantastic addition to any home while increasing its value.

A beautiful wood flooring makes your space beautifully inviting, cozy, and warm. With all of the different variations of wood, color, stain, and finish, hardwood flooring can suit any style you like. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we have satisfied clients' needs for professional hardwood floor installation for over a decade. We can help you pick the best wood flooring that suits your style. Contact us for a hardwood floor installation quote to get started.

Different types of wood floor installations


Timeless and classic, parquet floors bring style and elegance to any interior. Parquet flooring installation allows for various fitting designs. It can also adapt to added elements such as figures and borders of another type of wood.

From self-leveling compounds to plywood to concrete, parquets can lay atop almost every material. At Definitive Designs Flooring, our process of parquet floor installation will ensure that you will get exceptional results. Installing parquet flooring is best left to professionals who are skilled in parquet floor installation. We only use the finest materials to get you floors that will gracefully last a lifetime.

Glue-down wood floor

When a wood floor is glued to a subfloor, the result can be quite excellent. You can get a stable floor with glue-down wood and a substantial feel and sound. This type of flooring is suited to either wood or concrete subfloor.

With any floor installation, subfloor preparation is an essential first step. Whether it's sanding, leveling, filling low areas, or installing an entirely new subfloor – subfloor preparation is especially critical for a glue-down wood floor installation. This method uses adhesive as a bonding agent that you apply to the subfloor before laying down the wood. However, not all adhesives are created equal. Hardwood adhesive is specially made to adapt to the characteristics of wood. This type of glue is more elastic than other adhesives, which ensures that the hardwood will have enough space to expand or contract through the seasons.

At Definitive Designs Flooring, we always make sure to conduct proper floor preparation and use the top-of-the-line wood adhesive that will result in a successful glue-down wood floor installation. To learn more about this installation process, contact our office.



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Installing solid hardwood floors

Whether you're renovating or buying a new house, the flooring bolsters every other element in the home. There are different types of flooring options available – from carpet to vinyl plank. However, one flooring material is the acknowledged standard and the most well preferred: hardwood.

A lovely upgrade

Hardwood floors are a lovely upgrade to any home. However, not all hardwoods are the same, and it is more than just picking your favorite color.

There are other factors to consider that will significantly affect the look and durability of hardwood floors.

Finished or unfinished?

If you want a custom look and color for your floors, unfinished hardwood is an excellent choice. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we can do any color, sheen, and size you want to match any style you like. On the other hand, prefinished hardwood floors come ready to install. Choose from our vast array of prefinished wood flooring. Enjoy your prefinished hardwood floors and marvel at its gorgeous look as soon as it's installed.

Beautiful and durable

At Definitive Designs Flooring, we perform thorough and meticulous installation methods to ensure both beauty and durability of the hardwood flooring. Call Definitive Designs Flooring today to learn how we can assist you with your flooring project.

Refinishing engineered wood floors

A good replica for solid wood, engineered wood floors are in fact high-grade plywood with a thick piece of hardwood layer on top. The finished wood is what you walk on, also known as the "wear layer" or the "tread layer."

Dimensionally stable

It's the type of plywood that distinguishes engineered wood flooring from solid hardwood. Each board is placed perpendicular to its adjacent ply, meaning it is dimensionally stable. Unlike solid wood, the plywood base of engineered wood floors reacts less upon contact with moisture. This type of flooring holds up well to spaces with light humidity such as kitchens and basements.

Can you refinish engineered wood floors?

At Definitive Designs Flooring, we will thoroughly examine your floors' wear layer and refinishing history before we start the process. This step will ensure that we can provide the best service for your engineered wood floors and refinish them properly.
Hardwood flooring installation in Tucson, AZ from Definitive Designs

Suitable for any area of the house

If you want the look and feel of solid wood throughout your home, engineered wood flooring is suitable for any area of your home. Our flooring experts only use high-quality finishing materials. We will help you decide what type of stains and finishes you can use for engineered wood floors. Call us or complete our online form to get started on an estimate. We are happy to help you with your next flooring project.