Engineered wood flooring


Prefinished hardwood flooring

When you want to reinvent your space into a warm, cozy, and elegant sanctuary, adding hardwood flooring is the way to go.

Definitive Designs Flooring has a vast selection of prefinished hardwood floors to make it easier for you to find a match or replace your old flooring. From traditional oak planks to deeply grained pine strips to more exotic wood varieties with rich crimson or chocolate colors, you can choose from our endless range of sheens and textures. For an accurate hardwood floor estimate, please call our office or complete our online form.

Elevated value and beauty

You can elevate the value and beauty of your home with our professional prefinished hardwood flooring installation services. One of the benefits of prefinished hardwood is its durability. With proper treatment, it can last for many years and will turn out to be a tremendous value-adding feature for your home. Our experienced flooring staff can help you select the perfect prefinished hardwood that suits your home and lifestyle.

Attractive and practical

Prefinished hardwood flooring is a lovely addition to your home. It’s also an affordable choice for homeowners who still want the look and feel of traditional solid wood floors. Additionally, because the wood is prefinished, there is no need to sand or finish it on site. This feature helps in minimizing clean up and prep time and lets the floor be used immediately after installation.

We source our prefinished hardwood floors from our trusted manufacturers. You can be sure of the superb quality and durability our prefinished floors have. The specifications – color, grain, species, and finish – of the prefinished hardwood are all prepared for you, and all you need to do is pick your favorite. Another advantage of prefinished hardwood flooring is the actual finish. The coatings of prefinished wood are indeed far more superior to finishes that are applied during construction, renovation or remodel of your current home. Factory-applied coats are resistant to abrasions and scratches – making the wood longer lasting and durable.

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How to care for prefinished wood flooring

Although prefinished wood is already factory-stained and sealed, routine care and maintenance are essential to keep it looking its best. You can sweep your floors to remove the usual dust and debris. If opting for a vacuum, leave out the beater bar as it can potentially scratch the surface of the wood. The nozzle attachment is ideal for cleaning the dirt buildup in the corners of the room. Clean the floors as needed with a cleaner specifically made for prefinished flooring. Another great thing about prefinished hardwood is its resistance to wine, oil, juice, and other liquid stains. You can quickly clean up spills without them leaving any marks on your floor.

Prefinished: Solid wood or engineered?

You can choose from either prefinished solid wood or prefinished engineered wood flooring. Prefinished engineered wood planks are made from multiple layers of wood and your choice of a hardwood veneer on top. It also allows for you to have the look of combined wood species, creating spectacular designs. On the other hand, solid wood planks are precisely what they sound – solid hardwood cut from one tree. It’s perfect for spaces that don’t have too much humidity or moisture. This type of flooring can be sanded down and refinished as many times as you need and can last for many years. Both prefinished solid and engineered hardwood have solid wood on top as the wear layer and have that timeless wood look.

We carry prefinished wood floors in many different species such as oak, cherry, maple, walnut, and more. We also offer an array of gorgeous finishes to match any look you want. If you wish to go for either prefinished solid or engineered wood, you can raise the value and look of your home when you invest in wood flooring.

Our team of skillful hardwood floor installers is ready to take on your flooring project. Call our office or complete the online form to get a free hardwood floor quote. Whether it’s prefinished, unfinished, solid wood, or engineered, we look forward to making the floor of your dreams a reality.
Engineered wood flooring in Tanque Verde, AZ from Definitive Designs

Engineered hardwood flooring

The engineering of wood is the process of manufacturing different pieces of raw materials such as lumber using heat, adhesive, and pressure to make a solid wood alternative. This technology is the forest industry’s intelligent response to meet the demands for a construction material that is more affordable but equally durable as authentic hardwood. This wood substitute is meant to be used as a base or foundation so that a wood veneer can be applied.

The advancements in the quality of engineered wood have paved the way for it to be a popular flooring option today. At Definitive Designs Flooring, we have a massive selection of engineered wood products in various styles, cuts, and finishes for your flooring needs.

Built to last

Engineered wood floors are made to last. Thanks to their particular construction, engineered wood boards do not expand and contract as much as solid wood floors. Additionally, engineered wood products are practically identical to solid wood types. They evoke the same classic beauty of solid wood at a more economical price. To learn more about engineered hardwood flooring and how it can work best in your space, talk to our knowledgeable and attentive staff at Definitive Designs Flooring. We’ll be happy to give you an engineered wood flooring quote.

Reinvent your space with engineered flooring

Reinvent your interior with our exquisite collection of engineered wood flooring – an incredible option and quality alternative to solid wood. The layered construction of this type of flooring makes it more stable than traditional wood, but not compromising the organic and authentic wood feel.

Some of the engineered wood floorings we carry include:

Ash engineered wood flooring
Hickory wood floors
Birch engineered wood flooring
Maple wood flooring
Cherry wood flooring
Mesquite wood flooring
Herringbone wood flooring
Prefinished walnut flooring
Engineered wood flooring in Tanque Verde, AZ from Definitive Designs

Prompt and attentive flooring installation services

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to what you want and bring your flooring design ideas to life. We at Definitive Designs Flooring recognize that the quality of engineered hardwood flooring heavily relies on the floors you procure and how they are installed. We have experienced flooring installers who can provide reliable and prompt service. To get a free wood floor estimate, get in touch with us by calling our office or through our online form.