When it comes to moisture-resistant floor options – especially for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom – choosing luxury vinyl plank flooring has always been the go-to for property owners.

In today’s post, let’s talk about luxury vinyl plank, how to shop for it, and the pros and cons you’ll get with this kind of flooring installation.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring: the basics

Also referred to as plank vinyl floor or luxury vinyl floor, this type of vinyl flooring comes in long and thin strips, as opposed to the conventional square shape of vinyl.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring manufacturers create large format boards. These individual pieces of boards give any interiors a distinctive aesthetics that mimic the look of wood floors. Additionally, the larger boards are easier to install because you will need fewer boards to cover the area.

Forms and grades

Luxury vinyl comes in different forms and varying grades. We’ll discuss more about that below. For starters, the more affordable types of vinyl are water resistant – not waterproof. You may find knockoffs and cheaper vinyl in big box stores. Thus, make sure you know how to spot the authentic characteristics of luxury vinyl plank flooring.

LVP flooring is an affordable flooring option.Before, luxury vinyl only had one form: the glue-down version. As the name implies, the vinyl is glued down to a plywood or concrete subfloor.

It’s directly glued and laid on top of the subfloor because it’s so thin; there’s no cushioning.

However, it was quite uncomfortable to the foot because it felt like you’re actually walking on the cold and hard surface of a concrete subfloor.

Also, because of the thinness of the vinyl, you see all the imperfections and flaws of the subfloor. That’s why it was vital to smooth out and prep the entire area before the vinyl installation.

Years later, a newer variation of vinyl became available. This new kind made appear the vinyl wasn’t attached or glued-down to the subfloor, also referred to as floating.

The main issue with these conventional forms of vinyl is they are not durable. Curling up and delamination were some of the common issues. It’s a pain to fix.

Engineered vinyl plank

This is a popular and exciting category of luxury vinyl plank flooring. It comes in different looks and color options, so many property owners love to get their hands on this.

Engineered vinyl plank offers an amazingly realistic wood look. Aside from the visuals, it also mimics the feel of real hardwood and is durable. Engineered vinyl plank flooring has a high-density core made of fiberboard. It’s also waterproof.

Compared to the glue-down type of vinyl, engineered vinyl plank is thicker – about 8 mm thick. This thickness is similar to laminate flooring or engineered hardwood flooring. Also, like engineered hardwood, the middle part of engineered vinyl plank is composed of a high-density fiber core board.

For more cushioning, you can usually find an attachment of back underlayment (typically, cork). Similar to laminate flooring, engineered vinyl plank is a simple and straightforward installation job – if you have the proper tools and knowledge.

As we mentioned, engineered vinyl plank is quite similar in look and form to engineered hardwood. It’s also more resilient, versatile, and waterproof – which is their most significant difference. This reason is why more and more homeowners are opting for engineered vinyl plank.

It has become the preferred economical option that the costlier engineered hardwood flooring, or the cheaper looking and lower quality traditional vinyl, which may eventually curl up.

Advantages of LVP

Looks and feels like real wood

It’s quite amazing how luxury vinyl plank flooring looks and feels like real wood. In fact, many people mistake it for real hardwood. Additionally, with the more rigid and thicker planks, luxury vinyl gives off an authentic feeling of a real floor.


This is a highly desirable quality of luxury vinyl plank that many people are loving. This type of flooring holds up water and moisture. It’s an ideal option for basements, mudrooms, and kitchens.

Can be installed on any flat surface

We offer luxury vinyl plank flooring options.This type of flooring can be easily installed on any flat surface – whether it’s tile, plywood, or concrete. You can even put it over radiant heat.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is an affordable option

This flooring is less expensive than other options such as hardwood or tile. It makes it an attractive choice for many homeowners.

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