More and more homeowners are going for luxury vinyl wood flooring installation for their homes. This type of flooring’s classic style, combined with its waterproofness and durability, makes it a prime choice for homeowners.

Care and maintenance for luxury vinyl wood flooring are simple and easy. If you follow our tips, you can enjoy your luxury vinyl wood flooring installation for years to come.

Because it can resist water and most stains, luxury vinyl wood flooring is perfect for households with active kids and pets. Additionally, vinyl can pass as genuine hardwood in terms of looks – giving you a luxurious look and feel at more affordable installation prices.

Basic maintenance 

There are essential maintenance and care tips to remember for a luxury vinyl wood flooring installation. We’ll discuss some of them in today’s post, so your luxury vinyl floors will always look excellent and pristine in your home.

If you have vinyl floors, make sure you’re only using a soft bristle broom to dust it.

Vinyl can resist scuffs, marks, and scratches. A soft bristle room, which is a non-abrasive cleaning tool, can clean up grains and sands off the floors gently.

Vacuuming floors

If you decide to vacuum your vinyl floors to clean it, don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar. The suction can and will clean your vinyl flooring sufficiently on its own.

To deal with the occasional spills on your vinyl floors, use a damp mop. It’s best to clean the entire luxury vinyl flooring space. Don’t use a sopping wet mop. The excess water could potentially seep in the gaps of the vinyl and may damage it in the long run.

Get a doormat

This maintenance tip applies to other types of flooring, not just for a luxury vinyl wood flooring installation. A doormat place at your entryway can expand the lifespan and strengthen your floors. Invest in a high-quality floor mat. Place them at the exits and entrances of your home. They can trap and collect corrosive substances.

Vinyl flooring has two enemies: chemicals from asphalt. Chemicals from asphalt, oil, grit, and even driveway sealers can be dragged inside and picked up by your shoes. These harmful chemicals can turn your vinyl floors yellow and damage them significantly over time.

Use protective feet covers or felt pads for your heavier furniture.

Identify the high-impact points where you place your more massive furniture with luxury vinyl wood flooring installation. These protective covers for furniture help protect your floors from the scuffs, marks, and indentations that heavier furniture leaves when you need to move them.

Bathroom vinyl floors

If you have a vinyl flooring installation in your bathroom, use warm water with a squirt of shampoo any kind will do) to clean the floors. Shampoo is used to clean hairspray and dirt buildup in your head. It’s also a non-abrasive and low-impact cleaning solution that is safe to use on vinyl floors.

Should I wax my luxury vinyl wood flooring?

A luxury vinyl wood flooring installation doesn’t require waxing. However, an acrylic finish may be beneficial for it. Waxing and acrylic finish is different.

Floor wax requires a particular buffing item machine or tool for you to apply it to the flooring. An acrylic finish, on the other hand, is liquid-based. It can be applied with a mop. Flooring manufacturers suggest using an acrylic finish to areas of the house prone to scratching or scuffing.

Additional do’s and don’t’s

•Do clean up any spills on the floor immediately.
•Do lift and carry furniture. Don’t drag them across the floor.
•Do use a diluted bleach solution for spot stain treatment.
•Don’t get furniture with rollers – unless you put it on an area in your home with carpet or rug.
•Don’t use plywood when you need to move larger appliances across your home. Your vinyl floors may not handle the weight of the furniture, along with the weight of the plywood. Dragging the items across the floors may not be the best idea.
•Do use a soft cloth without any abrasive cleaning agents to scrub away dirt and stains.
•Don’t use a knife to scrub away dirt and stains.

Keep these tips in mind

As long as you keep these care tips for a luxury vinyl wood flooring installation, you can enjoy and use your floors for many years to come. If you need professional luxury vinyl plank flooring installation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.