When you have hardwood floors in your home, you want to show them off to friends and family. Hardwood flooring undoubtedly brings beauty and timelessness to any interior. However, they do need proper maintenance. That’s why you need the services of a professional hardwood floor refinishing company to keep your floors in pristine condition.

While durable, hardwood floors will show aging as the years go by. Our floors often receive heavy foot traffic and usage every single day, so it’s normal for them to reveal signs of wear and tear. As a homeowner, you might be wondering when it’s time to call a professional hardwood floor refinishing specialist. Read our post to learn more.

Work with a professional hardwood floor refinishing company

There is a variety of professional hardwood floor refinishing options you can avail of. There are different kinds of refinishing, depending on what your flooring needs. If you’re not sure of what specific refinishing services you need, the flooring specialist can assess the current conditions of your floors and make their recommendations.

Wood floors are hard-wearing, durable, and can withstand heavy footfall. However, you do need to give them the proper looking after they need if you want them to last longer. You could certainly go the DIY route. However, it’s riddled with pitfalls – and you wouldn’t want to make any mistakes in refinishing your floors, only to end up with a costlier repair job.

Old hardwood floors require careful attention to restore their splendor. A professional hardwood floor refinishing company will have the proper tools and equipment, as well as the expertise, to give you the services you need.

A professional flooring company can provide you with different refinishing options and services that you may not be particularly aware of or capable of with non-professional supplies. While you can get basic flooring refinishing items, you won’t have the experience and expertise to complete the job.

Dust and debris: common refinishing issues

A common issue when it comes to refinishing wood flooring is the dust and debris that comes with the job. Sanding hardwood gives off a massive amount of mess.

Anyone close to the area being sanded will need to don protective attires to prevent inhalation of potentially dangerous particles. Also, all other furniture and items within close proximity to the refinishing area will need to be appropriately protected.

Professional hardwood floor refinishing companies have the ideal equipment to do the job while keeping the dust and debris to a minimum.

At Definitive Designs Flooring, take advantage of our dustless wood floor refinishing services. We also ensure to do proper disposal of all dust and debris after every refinishing job. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our wood floor refinishing services.

Refinishing wood floors is worth it

We get why you may be putting off refinishing your wood floor. A few floor scratches and dents here and there are not hurting anyone. However, not tackling the problem can only lead to more significant flooring issues.

Refinishing wood floors not only improves the appearance of your home, but it will also increase your property value. Even if you’re not thinking about selling your property anytime soon, taking the right measures to preserve your wood floors ensures that you’re preventing future replacement or repair expenses when you do decide to sell.

Beyond repair costs, aesthetics, and property value, proper maintenance of your hardwood floors will also minimize the risk of wood splintering and hurting your foot.

Think twice before you DIY

DIY projects are suitable for homeowners who want to keep busy while improving their house’s appearance. However, wood floor refinishing requires a great deal of specialized expertise. It’s a time-sensitive, multi-step project that entails using specific tools.

If any of the essential steps are overlooked, not done in the right order, or not given enough time between each step, you risk redoing the job over and over – causing you to spend more money than hiring a professional.

Ready to refinish your wood floors? Talk to a professional hardwood floor refinishing expert!

Professional hardwood floor refinishing companies are equipped with the proper refinishing equipment and expertise. You can also trust them to choose the right stain and finish for your flooring. The right stain will go together with your type of wood floors, be tailor-made to meet your household’s needs, and withstand the amount of temperature and humidity in your home.